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Customer Reviews Of The International English™ Bible

A must have translation! Easier to read & no ambiguities.

By Charles F on March 16, 2015

The International English™ Bible is great reading and so are the references! I ordered this one for myself and two for missionary friends who teach in Europe. Clarifies “baptism” as “immersion”, just like William Tyndale did 500 years ago. Very important to me. Also in John 3:16 one who commits himself to Jesus will be saved, not simply “believes.” In Genesis 1:1 God created the Universe has much greater impact to me. Thanks for the prompt delivery of this enjoyable translation of the Bible texts of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

The International English™ Bible is great. The translators went back to the earliest writings …

By James McClure on March 13, 2015

The International English™ Bible is great. The translators went back to the earliest writings available and translated it into our every day language, making a translation that is very clear, easy to read, and understand, but is more accurate than any other translation and true to the original writings.

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“It is one of the finest and clearest translations I have ever read!”

— W. A. Criswell, Senior Pastor
The First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

‘With the International English™ Bible we are interested primarily … in rendering the Greek as faithfully as we can.”

— Dr. F. Wilbur Gingrich, co-author
A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament

“I do pray that God will greatly use the International English™ Bible in a significant way to present the glorious truths of His everlasting love and redemption for mankind to people in a way that they will understand and accept.”

— Cliff Barrows, team member
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association team

“The International English™ Bible is the best translation I have found as yet. I have compared this translation with the original Greek texts and other available translations. I wholeheartedly encourage its use by everyone.”

— Rev. Steve Munson, Pastor
Phoenix Village Baptist Church
Fort Smith, Arkansas

“I am grateful to you for The International English™ Bible, which I feel is a great contribution to the Lord’s work and will be a blessing to so many people throughout the world. I appreciate the translation because it is written at a level that will be easily understood by those who are learning English as a second language. I believe that the soundness of this translation, particularly in the use of such words as ‘immersion’ for ‘baptism’ will clear up a lot of confusion. May the Lord bless you in this work.”

— H. Glenn Boyd, President
African Christian Hospitals Foundation

“The International English™ Bible is the Word of God made plain. It’s easy-reading for all grade levels. Yet, it is as inspiring as any other Bible. I wish to express my appreciation and commendation to the translators for letting God use them to put this Bible together!”

— Bishop Jesse J. White
President General of the Church of the Living God

“Our young people are literally devouring the International English™ Bible! They are very happy to have Bibles that they can read and understand. We are beginning to reach many young people in the 18 to 21 age range.”

—Terry Bailey, Pastor
Northside Assembly of God Church
Jacksonville, Florida

“On several occasions I have attempted to read the New Testament from beginning to end and have never successfully done so. I believe that the refreshing and easy language that the International English™ Bible provides will afford the stimulus for me to accomplish this long-neglected task. I have sent a second copy to my brother who teaches Greek at the University of New Hampshire. He shares my enthusiasm for this Bible.”

— James C. Rouman, M.D., senior attending anesthesiologist
Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut

“I wish to commend you for The International English™ Bible. I have taught an adult Sunday School class in the Methodist Church and have many translations in my library. I think I can recognize a good translation when I see one. You have done a commendable thing in removing religious words from your translation. It has made the translation most appropriate for distribution to non-believers.”

— Don Evans, Attorney
Rocky Mount, North Carolina

“The International English™ Bible was given to me by a friend, and within three months it changed my life. You see, my vocabulary hasn’t always been so big, and I couldn’t understand other Bibles. But the IEB has helped. Thank you for making this Bible simple.”

— Edna DeRosa
Linden, New Jersey

“I have just finished reading Jeremiah and Lamentations from the International English™ Bible. This means I have finished reading and making notes on the whole Old Testament. It is a magnificent work! I found almost nothing to say by way of correction or suggestion on these last two books.”

—Dr. Milo Hadwin, Bible Professor
Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas

“Thank you for sending me a signed copy of the International English™ Bible. The long introductions and the satellite maps in the back are an improvement over most editions of the Bible. They cover so many important topics in unusual detail.”

—Gary Burke, Ph.D.
Bible professor in Hartford, Connecticut

“The International English™ Bible is a very impressive Bible version!”

—Bill McDonough
Missionary to Thailand

“In the International English™ Bible the book of Genesis is down-to-earth and uncomplicated. The notes were straightforward. This Bible includes 4 things that would help a new reader: (1) an understanding of the Bible times; (2) the maps of the territories as they relate to present times; (3) charts and graphs of the characters and their importance in the future; and (4) the importance of numbers in Hebrew language.”

—Chris Dean
Retired high school principal in Reed Springs, Missouri

“Yesterday in St. Louis, I met with a dear friend, Fred Asare, who is the director of the Village of Hope in Ghana, West Africa. My wife and I showed him the International English™ Bible. He really liked it. My wife and I are going to purchase it for him and send it to him.”

—John Dickmann
Bible teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma

“The International English™ Bible is outstanding! It is the clearest and the easiest Bible to understand. It’s the best I’ve ever seen! Every church on earth with new and/or foreign members will need this book as a teaching tool. When first told about it I just did not fully understand how impacting this Bible could be — until I saw this work.”

—Gene Westbrooks

“I have completed the book of Genesis from the International English™ Bible and enjoyed it thoroughly. Once I started reading it, I could NOT put it down! I will study it many times in the future.”

—John Sisk
Retired banker who now lives near Tampa, Florida

“My kids asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day and I requested the International English™ Bible translation. When it finally arrived, after having preached for over 50 years, and now being 73 and still preaching full-time in Perry, Oklahoma, and with your explanation of ekklesia, baptizo, and many other words, I believe that much of our current religious confusion could have been avoided if it had only been translated correctly in the first place. What a world of difference there would be today! So, almost like a kid at Christmas, turning to many different texts, reading the introduction and the many comments about the various words that were transliterated, etc., I was so thrilled, and I held it up before my congregation last Sunday and said: ‘Finally, at the age of 73, and before I die, I believe that I am holding in my hands the closest thing to the originals that we have!’ I will recommend this to as many as I can and study it fervently. In fact, I can hardly put it down because it has renewed in me a desire to re-study the Bible and to increase my knowledge and love for the Word.”

—Gerald Stewart
Minister in Perry, Oklahoma

“The International English™ Bible is an excellent work. It conveys deep, profound Biblical knowledge in an accurate way that is easy for the common person to understand. The IEB explains the Scriptures in a very easy-to-read fashion. The IEB notes are excellent, as is the translation.”

—Don Greve
Bible teacher in Bethany, Oklahoma

“I found the International English™ Bible to be very easy to read. I’ve been able to obtain a fuller understanding of the material than all other Bibles I have read. Because of the style of the Old Testament, I have always found it very hard to keep my interest. But the IEB translation flows so well!”

—Howard Terhune
Kempner, Texas

“This is pretty exciting! I love reading the International English™ Bible. I want to get the whole thing on CDs because I like to read and listening at the same time. It’s like having someone reading along with you! I am sure God’s plan will be revealed much clearer with this great book!”

—Mary Wilson
Church member in Hollister, Missouri

“I will treasure the International English™ Bible for the rest of my days. I know it will help me to better understand what God wants for me to do.”

—Gail Dimmitt

“I have never been more excited as a preacher of the Gospel as I am now! The International English™ Bible has really made a difference in our home already. We started having family devotions once again. My 12 year-old son said to me, ‘Dad, I really like this new Bible! It’s easy to read and it makes it come alive for me! Will you buy me one, too?’ My son’s interest is peeked again. Personally, this has already blessed our lives in more ways than you’ll ever imagine here on earth. I envision a bright future for this translation of the Scriptures.”

—Joshua Lifford
Minister in Laurel, Delaware

“We are really enjoying the audio CDs of the International English™ Bible New Testament.

—Joe Broz
Minister in Chicago, Illinois

“The International English™ Bible is simply amazing!”

—Pedro Garcia
Translator from Spain

“I did finish Genesis in the International English™ Bible earlier this week. I enjoyed reading it. It flows nicely and is very easy to read.”

—Susan Bryant
Phoenix, Arizona

“I received a leather copy of the International English™ Bible and really like it. My wife and I have a devotional every morning, ending with prayer after our reading. I appreciate the work you have been doing all these years.”

—Ray Hawk
Minister in Jackson, Tennessee

“The International English™ Bible is a very impressive Bible version!”

—Bill McDonough
Missionary to Thailand and other parts of the Far East

“The International English™ Bible is really a wonderful way to teach children to read the Bible.”

—Billie Simons
Pasadena, Texas

“Children can read and be taught the Bible with the simple International English™ Bible version. Very impressive! I love the legacy it’s leaving with God’s people — present and future — with this epic biblical translation. You will connect future generations with the wonderful stories inspired by the Word of God!”

—Walt Cameron
Financial consultant and author in Springfield, Missouri

“The International English™ Bible has been such a real treat! I’ve been surprised at just how refreshing it has been to read. That says so much about all the care, and work, and skill that went into this translation. I’ve been enjoying it! May the Lord use it in a mighty way as He builds His Kingdom.”

—Jim Fitzgerald
Sewickley, Pennsylvania

“I was reading in the International English™ Bible tonight in preparation for Sunday morning. I don’t know how to express how much I enjoyed reading from it in Revelation (I am a little shocked to admit that because I try to avoid reading Revelation!). Anyway, I love the IEB and the larger type with wider spacing so that I can see it easily. All the helps, information, and maps are fabulous. It is amazing!”

—Carol Yocum
Librarian in Ponca City, Oklahoma

“I want to share this very important news about the International English™ Bible. It comes in large print with many notes, Bible references, maps, pictures, modern satellite photos of the Holy Lands, etc. I LOVE IT! I now prefer to study from this translation. My point in sharing this information is to help anyone who might be interested in a simply, wonderfully accurate and easier-to-understand translation, to become familiar with it.

—Carolyn Peters
Housewife in Ohio

“By far, the International English™ Bible is the most accurate English version of God’s Word on planet earth today! The IEB is the English Bible for 21st century people (world-wide), as truth seekers continue searching the Scriptures for what God had to say to mankind.”

—Horace Hooper
Architect in Fort Worth, Texas

“I’ve enjoyed the International English™ Bible so much. I was reading Ecclesiastes — Wow! I LOVE the footnotes. Thank you for enriching my life with this precious treasure of the Word!”

—Betty James
Claremore, Oklahoma

“Last November I bought a large print ESV and started reading it each day until I finished it in May of this year. As I read I used a color code of my own usage that I have now utilized for about 25 years to mark various passages in my Bibles. Sometime in March or April I purchased an International English™ Bible. I started reading and marking the IEB after I finished the ESV and I have read it while comparing it to the ESV that I marked. So far I have only finished reading the gospel of John and about half of Isaiah along with some of the Psalms with a smattering of Paul’s writings. I have been totally surprised just how much easier the IEB is to understand.

I am also shocked at just how primitive the ESV really is by comparison (Especially and sadly in the Psalms). I am also shocked at just how misleading and garbled some of the idiomatic translations of the ESV have been.The ESV is being marketed as the grand evangelical solution to the gender problems of the newer NIV. I now believe that those same voices ought to read the IEB. I think they may be surprised.

In reading John’s gospel I liked that I did not have to keep referring to my NET notes to figure out difficult passages — like it did, when I was reading the ESV. I cut my Bible teeth years ago with the NASB and the RSV and even dabbled some into the KJV and NKJV before I got tired of not understanding what I was reading. I eventually did get around to reading the NIV of 1984 vintage but I never completely liked the NIV for some reason. I admit that I have read the “gender neutered” NCV and NLT and some of the TEV and CEV and enjoyed them except when they got too paraphrased.

I find the IEB to be superior all of those versions without lapsing into any paraphrases. I hope the IEB will be published in more varied formats including a real GIANT PRINT version in the future. Thank you for using the divine name frequently in this translation. This evokes memories of the first Bible I read in my youth. Namely my Catholic Jerusalem Bible where I first learned of and about Jesus our Savior.”

—Joseph White