Christian Education

by Dr. E. Claude Gardner Education coupled with Bible teaching has been vital to the success of all efforts to truly get back to the Bible. Col. 1:18 -- “Christ is the Head of the body, the people called out by God. Christ is the Beginning, the Source―the first one to rise from death so that he could be first in everything.” (quoted from the International English Bible) Luke 2:52 -- “Jesus grew taller and continued to learn more and more. People liked him, and he pleased God.” (from the IEB) It is reasonable and right to call…

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An Old Testament Restoration

by George E. Goldman The concept of restoration is not new. The theme is a familiar one, but it is proper to be constantly reminded of its Biblical basis. The theme of restoration is contained in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is a valid principle because it is taught throughout God's Word. The restoration of man is an all-important, Biblical subject. The Restoration Principle from the Days of Adam and Eve Before sin entered the world, Adam and Eve needed no restoration. They were living in harmony with God's will. They were in a…

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Do You Believe The Bible?

by Farrell Nicholson The question “Do you believe the Bible?” — though not uttered explicitly in Scripture — is certainly not without Scriptural precedent. Paul turned the tables on his interrogators by asking Herod Agrippa II, “King Agrippa, do you believe the prophets? I know that you do believe.” (Acts 26:27, NKJV). In other words, did the temporal king of the Jewish state believe the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus the Messiah? Or conversely, we can hear this question in its declarative sense within Paul’s rebuke to the Jews of Pisidian Antioch: “Brothers, you must understand what we…

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The Gospel Is Relevant

by Malcolm L. Hill We hear much these days about the relevancy of preaching or the relevancy of the gospel. Just what does the word “relevant” mean? Webster says, "Having something to do with the case being considered; pertinent." Thus, when we talk about the relevancy of the gospel we are saying that the gospel has something to say to humanity now; that the gospel is pertinent as to the condition or state that man finds himself in today. We are saying that the gospel is not out-of-date but has a message for mankind in the 21st century.…

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IEB Magazine Reviews

Magazine Articles and Reviews About the International English™ Bible. • 'Dialogue' from The Christian Chronicle: A lifelong love of Greek, Hebrew and the Word of God helped 74-year-old Stanley Morris complete his magnum opus — a new translation of the Bible. The International English Bible, or IEB, offers the entire text at a fourth grade reading level, complete with 18,000 notes, an introduction to each book and 61 colorful charts, maps and detailed satellite images of the lands mentioned in Scripture.

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The Inspired Word Of God

by Thomas F. Eaves "I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God" sounds like a statement a New Testament Christian would make, or one which would come from a Bible-believing individual. Before we can really understand what the spokesman intends we must know what he means by the word “inspired”. The theories of inspiration are numerous. As Dr. Lemoine Lewis stated: "Theories of inspiration are legion. The watch-words of some are natural inspiration, degrees of inspiration, partial inspiration, inspired concepts, universal Christian inspiration, verbal `dictation', verbal inspiration, plenary inspiration, etc." Some hold that the Bible…

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The Inspiration Of The Bible

by B. C. Goodpasture The Bible is here. No one can doubt that it exists. How did it come into existence? Is it wholly the work of man? Or, wholly the work of God? Or, is it a product of the cooperative work of man and God? It is not wholly the work of man. He could not have produced it if he would. Its contents are beyond the reach of human authorship. He would not have written it if he could. It condemns too many things which men by nature hold dear. It did not come, like…

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Standing for Truth

Johnny Ramsey Idealists are rare these days. Everything is supposed to be relative and not absolute. The humanists are absolutely positive about their relativity! But the clarion call of truth still demands that we take a definite stand for truth. The only way we can be free is through the liberty that Christ provides in the standard of truth (John 8:32-36). The Word of God has always been precious (1 Sam. 3:1). No man can really be wise if he has a disdain for Scripture (Jer. 8:9). The words of eternal life flow from Jesus (John 6:68) and…

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A New Zeal For The Old Paths

by Jon Gary Williams Introduction What a tremendous title for a lesson! As I looked at this topic I could not help but think that it strikes at the heart of one of the greatest needs of the church today! There is nothing lacking more in the kingdom of Christ. There is nothing we need more today than a greater zeal among members of the body of Christ. When we consider the subject of zeal we cannot help but be reminded of the church in the city of Rome. The ekklesia in Rome had a degree of zeal…

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The Bible Is The Infallibly Inspired Word Of God

by Gus Nichols The Bible claims to be given by inspiration of God. God would not give us a book containing error and falsehood. A great and good God would not give us a book for our guide throughout all our earthly lives which would deceive, mislead and ruin us in this world and damn our souls eternally in the next world. The Book of Nature In the book of nature we see God's goodness evidenced in a thousand ways every day. He adapted the fishes' fins to the water in which they are to be used in…

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The Bible And The Mind Of Man

by Dr. James D. Bales Because Christianity speaks of faith, there are those who assume that it is contrary to reason. They divide the world into those who walk by faith and those who walk by reason. Those who walk by faith belong to the "age of faith" which has been discredited and replaced by the "age of reason." The freedom of the mind is all important; therefore, they discredit Christianity because they think that it fetters thought. As a matter of fact, the world is not divided into those who walk by sight and those who walk…

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Back To The Bible For Authority

by James Meadows Introduction: 1. "Most Americans say they want guidance from God or the Bible, but few believe in moral absolutes, according to a new survey by the Gallup Organization" (Religious News Services). a. 70 percent agreed with this statement: "There are few moral absolutes; what is right or wrong usually varies from situation to situation." b. 70 percent said they believe it is important to "do what God or Scripture says when choosing between right and wrong, but 63 percent of the group reject the concept of moral absolutes." 2. One of the most tragic episodes…

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