1 Samuel Chapters 1 and 2

by Linda Claassen Mitchell 1 Samuel: 1 & 2 Hannah prays to have a son - Day 1 For the past week I have been studying the scriptures about prayer. One thing that keeps coming up is the need to keep a right relationship with God, keeping His commands. Today I am reading in 1 Samuel using the IEB and following the footnotes as I go. The IEB introduction to 1 Samuel indicates that 1st and 2nd Samuel with 1st and 2nd Kings form one continuous story about total dedication toward God. "Samuel (which means 'heard by God')…

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How To Pray

by Linda Claassen Mitchell Seeking God's Approval in Prayer - Day 1 Today I am looking at the topic of prayer. I'm starting in Matthew Chapter 6, where Jesus is teaching his disciples about seeking God's approval, and how to pray. Matthew 6:1-4 (IEB): Jesus talks about doing good works. He says not to draw attention to what you are doing, because the attention you get will be your only reward. (1)... "If you do that, then you will not receive a reward from your Father who is in heaven." Instead do your good works in secret. (4)..."Your…

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