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The International English™ Bible — The Most Accurate And Easy-To-Read Bible Designed Specifically For The 21st Century Reader.

Important Update: The Second Edition of the International English Bible (IEB) is now available. Go to the Products Dropdown Menu to see the new Bibles. There you will find Genuine Leather, Bonded Leather and Paperback Editions of the IEB.

International Bible offers you a new contemporary English Bible translated directly from the best original Hebrew and Greek texts and manuscripts. It is written at a 4th-grade reading level so that the Bible is easy to read and understand while remaining faithful to the meaning of the original languages. The International English™ Bible uses the language and expressions that you use today. It reads the way you talk and communicate.

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Over the 37 years that the International English™ Bible was in the making, more than 2,000 people reviewed this new translation — from Hebrew, Greek and other Bible Scholars to average Bible students. All of their advice has been taken into consideration to publish a Bible that everyone who speaks English can easily understand and enjoy.

International Bible Translators, Inc. of Branson, Missouri in the USA, the publishers of the International English™ Bible, offer you the simplest, most-accurate English Bible in the world today. This new translation does not use paraphrasing. It is not an overly-literal or loose translation.

Instead the International English™ Bible is translated directly and accurately from the best original Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew texts and manuscripts into a contemporary English style that is at once easy-to-read and understand while remaining faithful and true to the meaning of the original languages. The International English™ Bible is designed specifically for the 21st century reader. It uses the language and terms that you use today. This Bible is going to revolutionize the way you read and understand the Bible!

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