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Magazine Articles and Reviews About the International English™ Bible. • 'Dialogue' from The Christian Chronicle: A lifelong love of Greek, Hebrew and the Word of God helped 74-year-old Stanley Morris complete his magnum opus — a new translation of the Bible. The International English Bible, or IEB, offers the entire text at a fourth grade reading level, complete with 18,000 notes, an introduction to each book and 61 colorful charts, maps and detailed satellite images of the lands mentioned in Scripture.

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IEB Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews Of The International English™ Bible A must have translation! Easier to read & no ambiguities. By Charles F on March 16, 2015 The International English™ Bible is great reading and so are the references! I ordered this one for myself and two for missionary friends who teach in Europe. Clarifies "baptism" as "immersion", just like William Tyndale did 500 years ago. Very important to me. Also in John 3:16 one who commits himself to Jesus will be saved, not simply "believes." In Genesis 1:1 God created the Universe has much greater impact to me. Thanks for…

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