Source Texts For The International English™ Bible

by Dr. Stanley L. Morris We determined that an English Bible translation should not come from another English Bible. It should be translated directly from the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). We are only as accurate as our source texts. Therefore, Bible translators must follow the most reliable, ancient Biblical texts. The New Testament was originally written in a special type of Greek—Koiné Greek. It was not the Classical Greek of Homer or Plato or Socrates or Aristotle. No, it was in an everyday conversational language used by almost everyone in daily life and commerce throughout the…

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How The Bible Should Be Translated Today

By Dr. Stanley L. Morris The Bible is the message of God. It is the inspired, infallible, written record of God’s will. Through the Bible, God speaks to mankind. In order for all people to easily understand what God wants, it is extremely important that the Holy Scriptures be accurately translated into contemporary language. The New Testament was originally written in the Greek language. It is noteworthy that it was written in Koine (common) Greek — an everyday type of language which was used by almost everyone in conversation and commerce throughout the Roman Empire. Today the widespread…

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