The Simple English Bible New TestamentThe Simple English™ Bible New Testament

Simple English™ Bible (SEB) New Testament

by International Bible Translators | Dr. Stanley Morris (Editor)

The original name and the same text as the:
International English™ Bible New Testament

Size: 5.3 x 8.5 inches
Paperback Edition

The Bible New Testament In Simple, Contemporary English

Although there are about one million words in the English language, the average person only uses about 20,000 words. A first-grade child understands around 6,000 words before he or she learns to read. Not counting proper names, the Simple English™ Bible uses a vocabulary of only 4,000 words.

You will love to read this accurate yet simple and clear translation of the New Testament.

     • Not a paraphrase!
     • Expresses the original meaning clearly and accurately.
     • Uses simple, natural English, like a conversation.
     • Accurate and easy to understand.

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