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IEB-AudiBible-Image-300x339 The International English Bible’s Core Bible Series AudiBible® Audio Bible Player.

International English™ Bible Audio Samples

Click Here to listen to the complete Bible Books of John, Acts and Revelation from the IEB as expertly narrated by Dr. Stanley Morris.


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International English™ Bible’s (IEB) Core Bible Series AudiBible® Audio Bible Player

by International Bible Translators | Dr. Stanley Morris (Narrator)
Dr. Stanley Morris is one of the best Bible narrators today.

The IEB Bible Uses Simple, Contemporary English

The International English™ Bible Is Written In A Natural Conversational Style That Expresses The Original Meaning Of The Bible In A Clear And Accurate Way. You’ll Love To Listen To This Smooth And Easy To Understand Collection Of Audio Recordings From The IEB’s Core Bible Series.

     • The IEB is not a paraphrase!
     • It expresses the original meaning clearly.
     • It uses simple, natural English, like a conversation.
     • It is accurate and easy to understand.

About the IEB Core Bible Series

The Core Bible Series is a complete collection of over 100 hours of Bible passages taken directly from the accurate, yet easy-to-read and understand, International English™ Bible. This collection begins with some very brief overviews of the Bible and progresses from there into a compelling collection of captivating Bible stories and finally into the entire Bible itself. If you listen to the Core Bible Series in order you will quickly and easily build your understanding of the Bible from a short Bible story summary to a complete understanding of the whole Bible. And hundreds of questions and answers are included to effectively build your Bible knowledge.

The IEB Core Bible Series Carefully Chosen Content Includes:

* The Bible in 1, 2 and 4 Hours

* The True Story of the Bible in 82 captivating and compelling Bible Story Episodes

* The Gift of Hope which weaves together the 4 Gospels and the Book of Acts

* 365 Essential Bible Readings from the International English™ Bible (IEB).

* The King James Version Old Testament.

* The International English™ Bible New Testament.

* The Simplest English Bible featuring the books of Mark, John, and Acts narrated clearly and carefully for children at the 2nd grade level.

About The AudiBible® Player

The International English™ Bible’s Core Bible Series Audibible®​ is a solar-rechargeable audio player about the size of a cell-phone, capable of holding hundreds of hours of high quality audio Bible content. The Audibible®​ is light-weight, water and dust resistant and has no moving parts. The volume and sound quality are very good, and it has a Lithium Polymer battery which is both light and long-lasting. It is the perfect Audio Bible Player.

The Audio Player Durability

The IEB Audibible® has been fully tested to military specifications. In field tests, the Audibible® was driven over several times by a two-ton car on pavement without damage to any part of the unit. Also, this solar charged unit offers more than 9 hours of playback from a single day of average sunlight.

Listening to the Audio Player

The IEB Audibible® has built-in speakers which can be clearly heard by a small group of people. It has a headphone jack for personal listening, and is connectable to an external PA system for large groups. It also has guide markings on the casing for the visually impaired.

The AudiBible® Audio Player Unique Features

* Plug the AudiBible® into your stereo, your computer, or your car’s speaker system.

* Use headphones or earbuds with the AudiBible® to listen as you walk, jog or do other tasks.

* When turned off, the AudiBible® remembers where you left off.

* The AudiBible® never needs additional batteries.

* The IEB AudiBible® makes it extremely easy to navigate through the over 100 hours of informative and interesting Audio Bible content.

* The AudiBible® fits into the palm of your hand, into a pocket, or any small space.

* The AudiBible® is completely sealed, water-resistant, and durable.

Order Your IEB Audio Player Today and Build your Knowledge and Understanding of the Bible.

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